Friday, March 24, 2017

Galungan in Bali, a Time of Ancestral Cerlebration

Galungan is a Balinese celebration marking a time when ancestral spirits visit.  The last day of the holiday is known as Kuningan.

Calculating the date of the holiday is not easy because of the 210 day Balinese calendar.  This means that there are frequently two observations of Galungan and Kuningan in one solar year, for example, in 2017 it will take place on April 5 and November 11.

Galungan marks the start of the celebration with relatives preparing to be hospitable to their visiting ancestors with prayers and offerings.

 If you are fortunate to visit Bali during Galu8ngan and Kuningan, you will notice the decorative bamboo poles holding offerings, lining the streets of Bali.

My name is Tuday.  I am an English speaking, local Balinese driver and guide.  I'd love to help you have an incredible experience in Bali.

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