Friday, March 24, 2017

Galungan in Bali, a Time of Ancestral Cerlebration

Galungan is a Balinese celebration marking a time when ancestral spirits visit.  The last day of the holiday is known as Kuningan.

Calculating the date of the holiday is not easy because of the 210 day Balinese calendar.  This means that there are frequently two observations of Galungan and Kuningan in one solar year, for example, in 2017 it will take place on April 5 and November 11.

Galungan marks the start of the celebration with relatives preparing to be hospitable to their visiting ancestors with prayers and offerings.

 If you are fortunate to visit Bali during Galu8ngan and Kuningan, you will notice the decorative bamboo poles holding offerings, lining the streets of Bali.

My name is Tuday.  I am an English speaking, local Balinese driver and guide.  I'd love to help you have an incredible experience in Bali.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bali's Spectacular Mount Batur, A Must See for Visitors

Mount Batur is the second highest volcano in Bali.  It erupted in 1971 and caused the soil in the surrounding area to become very rich and fertile.  Lakes around the volcano are used to farm fish, and early morning hikers get to enjoy spectacular sunrises.

It's takes less than 2 hours to get to the top and I would love to be your guide. 

My name is Tuday, I am a local Balinese, English speaking guide and I can help you have an excellent adventure on Mount Batur.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Goa Lawah - The Famous Bat Cave Temple of Bali

The famous Bat Cave Temple of Bali is located on the coast near Kusamba village, east of Klungkung, west of Candidasa.

I would love to assist you in getting to it to experience its majestic structures and magical feeling.
I'm a local, English speaking guide and driver and have taken hundreds of people literally to see Goa Lawah, the Bat Cave Temple which was built by Dang Hyang Niratha in the 16th century.

The cave is named for the hundreds of bats who live in it.  These fruit-eating bats are considered to be holy, and a shrine marks the entrance to their home.   Entering the cave (for priests only) is challenging because of the low roof completely covered with bats and a thick coating of guano on the floor.  It is, however, easy to see and photograph the bats from outside the cave.

Legend has it that the cave extends all the way to Besakih temple, possibly continuing to an underground river.  Goa Lawah is also associated with the mythological snake, Naga Basuki.

Across the road from the temple on the black and beach, you can observe locals making salt in the tradition way.  Also, you can see Nusa Penida Island from the beach across the Indian Ocean.

Let me help make your visit to Bali spectacular.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pura Luhur Uluwatu - One of the Cardinal Temples. English Speaking Guide Services

Bali has six cardinal temples which are pillars of the Balinese culture and faith. Puru luhur uluwatu is one of them, renowned for its magnificent cliff top location, some 70 meters above sea level.

The temple location produces the most amazing sunset scenes, similar to those seen at Tanah lot.

This temple is where visitors can experience the fascinating and exciting Kecak and Fire dances which are sacred to the Balinese. The dances incorporate elements of trance dancing, fire walking, and devotion.

I would love to show you around the Island of the Gods, and help you have a memorable experience of your trip to Bali.

I'm a local, English speaking driver and guide.